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We do smart technology that means we grow your business
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Mobile Apps

Do you need a team to help you building a great App for your company? We are there to handle your mobile project for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry

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API for Apps

Mobile app interact with Internet database through an API. We build APIs for your App to make impossible things possible.

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Your business needs e-commerce website and we are here to give you a great website that includes all possible things to help your business.

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Business Upgrading

If you want to grow your business then you need website, Android app, iOS app, Facebook and Twitter accounts


Holosoft is one from the top software exporter companies in Pakistan
7 years in market is not a joke

We are an innovation company that brings ideas to life.
At Holosoft Inc., our mission is simple: To help our clients see what they cannot see themselves. We understand how to amaze our clients by giving them revolutionized solutions.
We're in the business of innovation. The products we create have real impacts on our clients outcomes. If you too are unafraid to dream bigger, then it’s time to change lanes and join us.


It takes a team to create great software. We have an international team with extensive backgrounds in market research and software development working across the globe. Our workforce is our most important asset. We have strong knowledge and great experience of modern development tools and technologies. All of us are Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics or Computer Science.


Highly Skilled


Great Team

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